GTA 5 Online: Learn How to Make More Money in the Game

The Grand Theft Auto series is an iconic franchise in the gaming universe, and it all started in the ’90s as a simple game. However, GTA attracted millions of players, and GTA 5 Online, popularly known as GTA Online, is one of the world’s most popular titles.

With hundreds of millions of copies sold around the globe, GTA 5 is the number one, the best-selling game ever. GTA 5 Online, for its part, made history! 

The GTA Online game was created by Rockstar North, and it was released by the famous publishers known as Rockstar Games. The game was viewed as a standalone release, but it was based on GTA 5. 

GTA 5 Online: Learn How to Make More Money in the Game

More Details on GTA 5 Online

GTA 5 Online came as a mode for GTA 5. However, Rockstar Games imagined the title as a standalone variant with its own universe. The game comes with three game modes that make the players addicted to it:

  • One-player sessions with Free Mode that’s PvE
  • Invite-only and Crew-only modes that the players can play to select their coop players
  • Public sessions are also available, and they come with randomly-selected players who will be live in the Free Mode and PvP lobbies

The Objective of GTA 5 Online and How to Play

Once the players first choose to play GTA 5 Online, they will undergo a character-building phase in which they can change their hero’s look and core features. The game then starts with the recently developed player persona that comes to Los Santos International Airport on a commercial aircraft. When leaving the airport, the gamer is greeted by Lamar Davis, taking him into the city.

Lamar acts as a tour guide at the beginning of the game, guiding the player through the game’s fundamental dynamics of the virtual environment. Upon completing a road run and a short mission, which is stopping a narcotics trade, Lamar presents the player’s character to Gerald, the first boss to give out missions in GTA 5 Online.

From this point on, gamers have complete clearance to the entire map of San Andreas, and they are instantly charged by Lamar with purchasing fresh outfits, and then storming a nearby shopping mall. After completing these assignments, the player is approached by Simeon Yetarian, who leads them along the path of jacking a car and converting it into a private vehicle by fitting it up with a tracker and buying insurance at a Los Santos Insurance store, both of them free of charge on this particular event.

After completing these necessary tasks, the gamer is inducted into one further assignment, an LTS, following which the training is finished. The players are then free to browse the GTA 5 Online map wherever they desire.

GTA 5 Online is rated PEGI 18, meaning that’s not suitable for kids younger than 18 years of age.

How to Make More Money in GTA Online

Heists are ideal methods to make money in GTA 5 Online. The best opportunity is the so-called Pacific Standard Heist. You will require a group of at least two friends to accomplish the mission.

You will need to put some money into preparing the heist, but you should not worry because the reward will cover everything.

You may earn around $150,000 per hour in GTA 5 Online. You can choose from a variety of VIP Work assignments, which can help you earn a lot of money.

While VIP Work missions won’t help you earn as much money as other jobs in the game, this mode can support you whenever you are low on the in-game cash.

From now and then, time-based missions are available when you roam the streets of Los Santos. These tasks can bring a lot of money if you are good at completing them. GTA 5 Online offers dozens of these trials, so you can easily make some in-game cash out of them.

How to Download the Game

GTA 5 Online is available on Rockstar Games and Epic Games Store. GTA 5 is not available on Android and iOS, as a standalone game.

How to Download Twitch

If you are good at GTA 5 Online, you can make some money out of it. All you need to do is consider streaming it on Twitch

GTA 5 Online: Learn How to Make More Money in the Game


GTA 5 Online is one of the most popular games in the world. Totaling millions of players, the title is famous and appreciated. Hopefully, the methods presented above will help you earn some extra money in GTA Online.

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