WEBTOON: Find Out How to Get Free Coins

WEBTOON is a digital platform of manhwa, a comic style developed in Korea that is very similar to Japanese Manga but with some differences. Manhwa is almost always in color, and it is also set in strip format using a continuous canvas.

Some may even have added soundtracks and animations. Many are based on popular genres, such as action, adventure, and romance.

Recently, a popular game called Hero Cantare was built using WEBTOON comics, which increased the visibility of WEBTOONs even further. Read on if you’re interested in learning about free coin generation methods.

WEBTOON: Find Out How to Get Free Coins

Hero Cantare With WEBTOON Details

While WEBTOON is a popular platform to read the latest manhwas, there is an easy way to get unlimited coins to continue your reading adventure. Check out the following video if you are looking for more coins.

If you are familiar with Hero Cantare, then there is no need to explain. For those who are not familiar, though, it is a game that is accessible with a smartphone and other platforms.

It was developed using WEBTOON comics and is based on many of the popular manhwas available to read on Webtoon. It is a basic turn-based RPG game, and if you are looking to improve your gameplay, there are numerous videos on Youtube to check out.

General Gameplay

The general gameplay involves plenty of factors, such as character building, equipment forging, resource management, and, of course, combat. The one thing most people would be looking for is an easy way to generate in-game resources.

Unless you use hacks, it will not be that easy, though. You will need to progress through the game’s many platforms to generate resources.

However, if you are willing to take the risk of using hacks, this included link claims to have the perfect solution that works on all Android and iOS versions and is completely undetectable. If you want to do things the right way, the best way to get more tools is to join a guild.

Guilds offer players the ability to share various in-game functions. It also allows donating to the guild to purchase upgrades and specials that improve both hero characters, as well as resource generating.

Gems and Gold

The most important resources are gems and gold. These resources are used to do practically everything in the game.

You use gems and gold to upgrade equipment, improve heroes and their skills, forge relics, and numerous other things. The game will allow you to buy these resources using real currency.

Many players have said that it is a game where you have to pay to win. But if you’re willing to wait, the game will also give you these things over time.

While you can gain multiple heroes throughout the game, the combat is usually focused on only a party of up to four heroes. A good way to save resources is to focus only on buying upgrades and equipment for the four characters that you use the most. It would be ideal to find the best-suited characters for your strategy.

How to get Coins

WEBTOON coins are an exclusive currency for the mobile app on iOS and Android. Coins can be used for unlocking the Fast Pass and new episodes. They can also be used to read ahead (through the daily pass) and support your favorite creator. Based on the WEBTOON series, the number of coins needed for an episode varies.

By clicking on the “My Series” screen in the top right area, you can buy coins from the coin shop.

The game will occasionally have events where users can earn free coins, which can be used in the same was as purchased coins.

Age Limit

Hero Cantare with WEBTOON does have an age restriction of seven years and older, and it is rated to contain mild violence. However, it should be noted by parents who are concerned that many of the manhwas available for viewing on WEBTOON may contain pornographic material.

Even for slightly older kids, some of the manhwas may be too mature. As a result, it’s important to monitor your kids’ reading habits closely.

How To Download

Downloading either the WEBTOON app or the Hero Cantare video game is easy. You can find both applications on the Google Play Store and the Apple iStore.

To begin the download, just look for them using the search bar and then click the Install buttons. Alternately, you can click on the references we’ve supplied.

The apps are free to download but require in-app purchases to be made. To read manhwas, you would have to spend money on coins.

However, some manhwas are available for free reading. You might be limited to a specified amount of reading time, though.

The Hero Cantare application will only be compatible with certain devices. These include smartphones that run on Android 5.0 or higher and iPhones with iOS 9.0 or higher.

WEBTOON: Find Out How to Get Free Coins


Manhwas are a fun way to experience storytelling. The Hero Cantare videogame, which is based on manhwa characters and comic art, is a fun way to immerse yourself into the story.

You can download the apps free to enjoy. With the provided means of gaining free coins, it will be even more fun.

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