Clash Royale: How to Get More Gems in the Game

Clash Royale is a very popular mobile game. It is ideal for beginners who want to have fun playing an entertaining game on their iOS or Android devices. 

Clash Royale has many common points with Clash of Clans, such as troops, gold, characters, elixir, and many others. It is quite difficult to collect cards and battle real opponents, which makes this game very fun. 

If you are wondering how to get more gems in the game, make sure you read on. We will cover numerous aspects that will get you started.

Clash Royale: How to Get More Gems in the Game

Details of the Game

In Clash Royale, you fight your enemies in real-time, which is one of the main highlights of the game. They fight back, so make sure you define your strategy before starting.  

You need to use a combination of defense and offense, timing, and strategy to be successful in this game. When you start, you will most likely be outnumbered by your enemies. 

However, do not fall behind. Figure out your strategy, stick with it, and learn how to be smarter than other players

Clash Royale Objective and How to Play 

Clash Royale puts the emphasis on tactics and strategy. You cannot win if you do not plan your moves. First, the objective of the game is to outsmart your opponents so you can win the game. 

You can play in groups of two or four players, and the main goal is to eliminate the most towers. If you manage to destroy the King’s Tower, this will be an instant win for you. 

If in three minutes, both of the teams or players have the same number of crowns or none at all, the game will carry on into 2-minute overtime. All you need to do is destroy the opposing tower, and you will win instantaneously!

Playable spells, troops, and buildings are represented by cards. Before each battle, you need to create a deck of 8 cards that will be used for defense and offense. 

Each of these cards cost elixir, and you will start with 5 elixir points. One point is replenished every 3 seconds. 

Clash Royale does come with a certain amount of violence, so it is rated PEGI 7. If you want to find out more about educational games for kids, click here

How to Get More Gems

Gems are the premium currency of this game. When you download the game, you will have 100 gems that you should use wisely. 

Additional gems can be obtained for free, although they are also available if you pay real money. Here are a few ways of getting free gems:

  • Open chests
  • Complete quests
  • Join Clan Wars
  • Join special challenges

The free chests or crown chests come with 2-4 gems. You can also obtain them as a one-time trophy reward when you get 900 trophies and 2,900 trophies. 

There is also a seasonal reward at 5,225 trophies and 6,150 trophies. Furthermore, you can also get some free gems in the shop. Fantasy Royale also offers extra free in-game premium currency. 

Why You Want Them and How to Use Them

Gems have multiple uses in Clash Royale. Here are the main tasks you can achieve using gems:

  • Skip opening the chests. For each gem, you can skip 10 minutes. 
  • Gems can be used to buy chests, cards, gold, and emotes. 
  • You can take more quests per day by using 10 gems.
  • You can join challenges and even start tournaments using gems.
  • Skip requests.

How to Download Game (Android and iOS)

Clash Royale is available on both Android and iOS devices. You can click here to download it from Google Play, or click here if you have an iOS device. 

How to Download Twitch

If you want to broadcast your gameplay, Twitch is a great way to achieve this. You can click here to download Twitch for numerous platforms, such as iOS, Windows, Android, and more. 

Clash Royale: How to Get More Gems in the Game


Clash Royale is extremely popular among mobile users. It is not only entertaining, but the short time span of the matches makes you want to return every time. All you need to do is play daily to get more free gems, but you can also use real money to purchase them. 

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