PUBG Online: How to Get Free Silver Coins

If you are into battle royale games, then for sure you have played PUBG on your computer or mobile phone. If not, you might have heard about it. This online multiplayer game gained popularity since its early release for Microsoft Windows via Stream in March 2017.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) lets its users or players create their characters which they can customize. There is a special in-game currency that you can use to buy in-game items and further add personality to your character. This currency is called Silver Fragments or Silver Coins.

For new players or even old players, you might not know how you can get free silver coins in the game. Read below to know some tricks and tips on how to get these free silver coins.

  • PUBS’s Development
  • PUBG on PC and on Mobile
  • PUBG as an Esport
  • PUBG Mobile’s Silver Coins/Fragments
  • Ways to Collect Silver Coins on PUBG
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PUBG’s Development 

PlayerUnknown’s: Battlegrounds is an online multiplayer battle royale game developed by PUBG Company under South Korean video game company, Bluehole. It was released in 2017 and gained massive popularity across the world. 

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The game started as a mod or an alteration from a fan or player of a video game. Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Greene has made several mods from other games before getting inspired by the Japanese film “Battle Royale”.

If you are a movie buff, you know what the film is about. Greene adapted the idea or premise of the movie in a video game format. Several players are dropped by parachutes in a certain location where the main goal of the players is to be the last one standing. 

Survival is a must in the game. The players must scavenge for weapons to kill other players, and to find a great hiding place for safety. As time passes by, the map will be decreased so the remaining players will be forced to have an encounter due to limited space. Exciting, isn’t it?

PUBG’s Popularity

PUBG is often attributed as the game that pioneered the battle royale genre and made it as popular as it did, with many games like Fortnite: Battle Royale and Apex Legends following suit and growing to be immensely popular games. 

As proof, the company has recorded over 70 million sold copies of the game for personal computers last 2020. This is just three years after its release. Also, PUBG Mobile accumulated a total of 734 million downloads as of 2020.

Today, we see more and more online games introducing battle-royale style game modes in their competitive scene. But whether or not you decide on the history of the genre, you have to admit that it was PUBG that initially popularized it, and allowed other games to become what they are today.

PUBG on PC and on Mobile

PUBG was initially released as a personal computer game meant to be used for console gaming. Bluehole started an early dispatch of the game on Steam to get an initial reaction of 80,000 players through closed alpha and beta periods. 

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The data was used to balance the gameplay and fix some minor issues prior its wider release. The company asked some popular live streamers to try out PUBG to spark interests from other players. PUBG eventually gained more attention as it was announced to be released to Xbox One.

In less than a year, PUBG gained stable and increasing popularity which led them to release a mobile version of the video game. It is called PUBG Mobile and is free to download on both Google Playstore and App Store.

Both the game versions for personal computer and mobile are regarded with high quality as they garnered a lot of recognition and awards. But, the best proof is the overwhelming number of PUBG players that led to whopping sales of the company.

Banned on Some Countries

Due to the massive popularity of the video game across the world, there are negative effects of its usage according to national authorities of some countries leading them to ban the game locally. 

Gujarat, the fifth largest state in India, was the first one to issue the ban on the game in March 2019. They cited that the game is unnecessarily “too addictive and violent” and was a great distraction during the exam season of students.

Nepal and Iraq followed suit in April 2019 to ban the game as they mentioned it is not suitable for children and teenagers. But, shortly after the Supreme Court of Nepal issued the lifting of the ban because the government interfered with personal freedoms. Some other countries are Jordan, Pakistan, and Aceh of Indonesia.

PUBG as an Esport

With its continuous popularity that led to some national governments taking steps to possible adverse effects of the game, the company pushed forward as they wanted to pursue professional competitions for the sport.

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Initially, the first esport event held for PUBG was on the initiative of Bluehole, the game’s mother company. They wanted to celebrate the early success of the video game with its large amount of downloads. 

The 2017 Charity Invitational event was held to raise funds for the Gamers Outreach Foundation. The event had over 128 players who competed over their Twitch Channel. 

Bluehole and ESL Gaming Network combined forces to organize the first Battlegrounds invitational tournament with several categories where each was held separately. The competition had a $350,000 prize pool.

PUBG PC and Mobile Difference

While the mobile version of the game is incredibly similar to the PC and Console version, it has some striking differences that make it somewhat more popular nowadays, especially since other games have taken the spotlight on those platforms. 

Aside from the obvious design, visuals, and graphics difference between the PC and mobile version, there are other additional features that are for the mobile version only such as visual audio cues, and auto-pick of ammunition, attachments, and others.

One of the biggest differences between the mobile and the other platforms would be the Silver Fragment or Silver Coin system of currency. This in-game currency is only available on PUBG Mobile which is used to customize the character of the players.

PUBG Mobile’s Silver Coins/Fragments

Eventually, the company focused on the further development of the PUBG Mobile. This in-game currency is one of many features added. It is used purely for purchasing cosmetic items for your in-game character and weapon skins. 

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This makes it quite highly coveted for those who want to distinguish themselves from the other players, and impart a bit of their personality and flair into their in-game avatar. 

Character customization is one major part of just about every game that people love, as it lets you get more attached and involved with your game and character, and just feel cool doing cool stuff in the game, all while looking cool.

So if you are one of those players who enjoy toying around with fashion in the game to make yourself look impeccable, giving your character the best set of clothing, a fresh haircut, and some clean looking skins on your gun to make yourself unique and set yourself apart from the common crowd on the Battleground, you’ll want to stock up on Silver Coins.

Using the Silver Coins

It is easy to use silver coins or fragments on PUBG. Once you have collected enough silver fragments, you have to go to “Shop” where you usually buy Armory, Crates, Outfits and Others. But, you have to click “Limited Time”.

The game will then show you what are the available things you can buy with your silver coins. One more tip is that you can acquire more fragments by dismantling your avatar’s clothing into pieces. 

In this way, you can easily remove all duplicate cosmetic items and create more space to buy more items to wear in your adventure to survive and get that chicken dinner.

Ways to Collect Silver Coins on PUBG

There are a variety of ways to get silver fragments on PUBG. Some of these are free and don’t require you to sink any money into the game, but should you want more, and you are impatient and don’t want to wait for the in-game free sources of silver fragments, you can sink some money if you so wish. 

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Here is a quick list of some of the ways you can get Silver Fragments: Daily Login, Buy and Open Crates, Dismantle Apparel, Reaching Higher Tiers, and Buy it with Battle Points

The first and easiest way to get silver coins is to simply log into the game every day and collect them as part of the daily login bonus rewards. Each day and week is different, so you aren’t guaranteed to get each time, but it happens fairly often.

You may also buy and open crates because almost all crates that you can open in PUBG have a small chance to drop silver fragments. The only option that doesn’t is the ‘Soldier’s Crate’, so if you are willing to put some cash and take the chance at getting some more Silver in the bank, this is a viable option.

Other Ways to Collect Silver Coins on PUBG

Duplicates are an annoying feature that can frustrate many players, as you can end up with two or three of the same headgear which you don’t even really like. The good news is that you can dismantle this gear for a small number of Silver Fragments/Coins, which can be put into getting the skins you want.

The next one is buying silver coins using collected battle points. Battle points are one of the other currencies, which is far more abundant in-game. You can trade this currency each day in the shop, with 25 Silver Frags costing 200 Battle Points. It ain’t much, but it’s honest work.

The last way where you can get free silver coins is through the end-of-season rewards. PUBG rewards you with silver coins depending on your reached level at the end of a season.

  • Bronze Tier: 200 Silver Fragments
  • Silver Tier: 400 Silver Fragments
  • Gold Tier: 600 Silver Fragments
  • Platinum Tier: 800 Silver Fragments
  • Diamond Tier: 1000 Silver Fragments
  • Crown Tier: 1300 Silver Fragments
  • Ace Tier: 1600 Silver Fragments
  • Conqueror Tier: 2000 Silver Fragments


There are a few ways to get silver fragments or coins in PlayerUnknown’s: Battlegrounds, far more than what is listed in this article. If you are a player who likes to look their best when getting a Chicken Dinner, then you’d best stock up and use some of these methods.

You may try these ways so you can personalize your character to show a bit of your personality and vibe. Isn’t it good to survive the battle royale your own way and your own style?

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