These Are the Most Popular Social Media Sites Today

Many people think that all social media sites are the same. Some of them indeed have similarities, but they are not made equally.

Each social media site has a different goal, and each social media site attracts different audiences. To determine the best social media site out there, a presence on each for a certain amount of time is required.

Here are the four best social media sites for now. Let’s find out why the sites are used and who uses them.

These Are the Most Popular Social Media Sites Today


Facebook remains the most popular social media site even after 16 years. It was founded back in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg. Believe it or not, Mark was only 19 years old at that time.

No generational limit is probably the main reason why this network is so successful and cannot be dethroned even after all these years. Grandparents, parents, teenagers – they are all attracted and remain loyal years after signing up.

Another important thing is evolution. If you look back on Facebook’s timeline, you will realize that today’s site does not have many similarities with its past version. This means that Facebook evolves all the time and implements features that are appealing and attractive to users.

Furthermore, due to its number of diverse users, Facebook is good for business and attracts brands from different niches. Facebook gives businesses huge exposure and brings customers and visitors in an enormous amount.

Facebook Messenger should not be neglected when it comes to this site. The feature offers chances for better communication. It includes groups, live chats, rooms, games, and more.

These Are the Most Popular Social Media Sites Today


There are over 330 million active Twitter users every month. Not many people know, but aside from expressing online thoughts and opinions, many businesses thrive on Twitter, as well.

The difference is that there are only a few niches that could do significant turnover and revenue – politics, marketing, sports, and entertainment. The other niches are not that successful and do not deliver the required results.

Twitter is this successful because, besides connecting people with close friends and family members, it connects people that are similar to the user. Recruiting people for supporting different causes is another beneficial feature.

Connecting with new potential friends is easy because of hashtags and trending topics. After all, who doesn’t want to find like-minded people?

Also, the “free view” option for nonTwitter users is what attracts people even more towards the social media site. Anyone who does not own an account can check favorite public tweets at any time.

These Are the Most Popular Social Media Sites Today


LinkedIn is a social media site that offers something that can’t be regularly seen on social media. This platform is made for professionals in their fields of work. It provides jobs and a chance to connect with your favorite company or hiring manager.

There are over a million work offers on this platform, and there is a chance for online applying and interviewing. LinkedIn is terrific if you are seeking work or seeking people who are crucial in companies that you want to be hired in.

The first thing that Americans with college degrees do is set up a LinkedIn profile. That is simply because sometimes the hiring managers find you and contact you.

Not many know, but LinkedIn is a fantastic marketing tool, as well. It offers different digital marketing strategies that achieve goals for various brands.

Interestingly, besides being a site for professionals in one field, LinkedIn serves as a network for communication. People won’t need business cards from colleagues they met at conferences anymore. They can simply add them here and start chatting.

These Are the Most Popular Social Media Sites Today


This platform became successful back in 2010 for one simple reason – plenty of pictures. Yes, images related to food, weddings, DIY, décor, fashion, and more.

This social media site does not offer rich content. It simply attracts users by presenting them with beautiful images from different niches.

Followers do not mean a thing in here, and a person does not have to follow everything to see the required field. The site offers an impressive amount of organization, and it is not hard to find something you like.

People usually use this site to gain inspiration for their events and businesses. Also, many hobbies can be developed from different pictures and videos.

Interestingly, over 80% of users are females, but that does not mean that males do not use it. According to recent data, around 40% of males are using the site to gain inspiration.

Pinterest is good for social media marketing, and businesses that are in fashion or interior design benefit the most out of it.

These Are the Most Popular Social Media Sites Today


To summarize, each of the previously mentioned social media sites is different. Therefore, each can be beneficial to you.

If you want to gain customers and visits, use Facebook. If you want to find people similar to you and make new friends, use Twitter.

Use Pinterest for inspiration while you search for a better job position on LinkedIn.

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