Discover How to Get More Skins in Paladins

Paladins is an action game that brings high-quality graphics and combines it with a multiplayer mode. Players will have to fulfill different objectives on numerous maps. 

Among the other features of Paladins, we can list a team-based gameplay, a rich exploration of maps, and the ability to win various bonuses, skills, and even weapons. The game offers an immersive, fun experience. 

Paladins combines competitive online action with a progression-based card collection system, allowing players to improve their game-to-game skills, making each match unique. To improve the experience, you need skins, and we will show you how you can get them for free.

Discover How to Get More Skins in Paladins

About Paladins 

Paladins is trying to combine the elements that made Team Fortress 2, Heroes of the Storm and Hearthstone a success. The game offers a shooter, arena-based team experience in which we can use cards to increase our advantage in the game, all while imitating a MOBA. 

Paladins game comes with 2 teams, consisting of 5 players engaged in a battle for supremacy, where they will have to destroy the enemy fortress. In order to reach the heart of the fortress, the teams will have to destroy every 3 gates that are defended by destructive cannons. In order to destroy the gates, the teams will have to capture a randomly selected point from 3 locations.


Once the last gate is destroyed, a team will be declared the winner. To create a more imposing strategic dimension, the game uses a system of cards. At each level, gamers will have to choose from 3 passive or active cards, which will help them improve their heroes. The cards are chosen randomly from the pack, but there will be a competitive way for gamers to choose the cards they want to use in the game.

How to Play

The gameplay is quite simplistic and clear; gamers will have to choose one of the heroes present in the game (12 at this time) and, together with the team, will have to destroy the fortress of enemies. Teams will have to fight for a central point that will create the siege weapon. Once created, they will have to follow and guard it to do massive damage to the gates that defend the fortress.

As they fight, the characters will level up, and instead of receiving new abilities or skills, they will be able to choose one of the 3 cards presented. The cards are randomly selected, so each card can change the match. There are quite strong cards, such as a card that offers 2000 plus HP, making a huge difference.

The whole fight takes place quite dynamically and strategically. The heroes can take different routes or shortcuts or sneak behind the targets to stop them from attacking or to distort them by drawing them to strategic points where they can fight better. This game is not suitable for children under 12 years.

How to Get Free Skins

You can buy skins with the in-game currency, crystals. If you log in every day, you will receive 50 crystals per week. Furthermore, there are frequent events and, if you win, you can get up to 20 crystals. 

Another way is to join Twitter and follow the Paladins community, as they offer free giveaways that include both skins and crystals. If you are a daily player, it’s worth checking out UpRoar, which offers daily quests and collects points, but this might take some time. 

Why You Want Them and How to Use Them

Skins are considered cosmetic items that allow you to customize your champion and your weapons. There are numerous types of skins; some of them include common, uncommon, rare, epic, and even legendary. All of them come with impressive visual effects

How to Download Game

This game can be played for free. Download the game directly from Paladins’s official website. Click Play Now, provide an e-mail address, choose your preferred platform, and then download it and start playing. 

Discover How to Get More Skins in Paladins


Paladins is a promising, addictive, and fun game. It is focused on the Free-To-Play segment and hopes to win over its audience by combining the elements that made the difference in the recently released popular games

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