Check Out the Best Star Trek Video Games

If you were used to being hands-on at work, at home it’s difficult to stay busy these days. When you get tired of watching TV, walking the dog, cleaning, cooking and eating,what else is there to do?

If you’re asking yourself that question, I’ve got an answer for you. Why not give one of the Star Trek video games a shot? There are quite a few of them, and each one is unique in its own way.

After all, video games are what has helped most people keep sane during these pandemic times. Do you think you want to try Star Trek video games? If yes, then this article explores the best ones for you. Read on

Check Out the Best Star Trek Video Games
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Star Trek: Online

It’s ranked the best Star Trek of all times. It’s perfectly suited to being a hugely multiplayer online role-playing game due to its nature. When the events talked about in Star Trek: Nemesis film were realized, 30 years later it came into fruition.

In this game, Starfleet battles against several adversaries such as Borg, Romulans and many others. Their agreement with the Klingons collapses leading to renewed hostilities. Individual players get their individual ship and crew to use.

This allows a variety of gameplay options. Initially, it was only available on Windows, but it is now also available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Star Trek: The Next Generation- A Final Unity

It was released in 1995 for Macintosh and MS-DOS. The fact that it features number 2 on this list even with the latest releases tells you something spectacular about this game.

It is common for new games to replace older ones, but this is not the case. This game has an entirely novel feel.

A Final Unity started as a commercial that received massive success due to translating the Next Generation World accurately and faithfully to another medium.

The Enterprise crew set out to support Romulan refugees searching for a mysterious artifact. When you follow the story, it’s not simple naturally. When you consider the rough stardate of this mission.

It supposedly takes place between seventh season’s episodes one and two of the Next Generation.

Star Trek: Voyager –Elite Force

It’s a rare occurrence to have a first-person shooter work in the world of Star Trek, but this one did. It was originally released for Mac and Windows in 2000.

However, in 2001, it expanded to PlayStation. It featured both multiplayer and single-player options. The multiplayer option can accommodate up to 32 players.

Star Trek: Starfleet Command

It was launched in 1999 for Windows. Star Fleet Battles, a tabletop war game released in 1979, served as inspiration. It’s another space battle simulator with no real story. In addition, it gave users the option to side with any one of the six major intergalactic superpowers.

Any Galactic power provides the player with different information that widens the player’s understanding of an older race.  Critics and fans all love this game which prompted the developers to release Gold Edition in 2000.

Check Out the Best Star Trek Video Games
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Star Trek: Timelines

It is one of Star Trek’s first mobile device games. It was meant to be played on both Android and iOS devices and through Facebook. Its story centers on a temporal anomaly which is any Star Trek Production’s favorite plot device.

It allows different characters from various movies, TV series and other sources to come together. Like any mobile game, Timelines needs you to gather and upgrade crew and ships to advance through the game.

Last Word

There is always one or more games being added onto the Star Trek collection of video games. Most of them can be accessed on Windows, PlayStation, mobile and even Facebook. Gaming has never been easier.

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