How to Link a New Gmail Account to the Gmail App

Setting up Gmail on your app is a simple and straightforward process. All you have to do is connect, fill in your account details on the mobile phone application, pass the security test, give permissions, and synchronize.

Google is so popular that the phrase “Google it” has become iconic and immersed in our culture. And why not, the extent of Google’s services that we can access has made our life digitally simpler and accessible from all accounts. 

Since, Google has made its presence, on the web, phone, TV, smartwatch, and everywhere else, it is vital to maintain a link between all of them. With this in mind, we are going to tell you how to link your new Gmail account to the Gmail app. 

How to Link a New Gmail Account to the Gmail App

A Step-By-Step Process To Link Gmail App With the New Account

If you have already set up a new account on Google, it’s great. If not, first, let us set up a new account on Google, and then we will link it with the application. 

After landing on the Gmail accounts page, you will see the option “Add Another Account” at the bottom of the list of the existing accounts. Click on it, and you will land on the “Google Account Creation Page.”

Once here, fill in your details as prompted and click on Next.

For the Password 

Make sure that it contains a mix of characters, alphabets, and numbers. Google password security manager is optimized on the basis of the local computer’s encryption system. So, set a strong password to avoid hacks.

Once the essential details are filled, you are asked to enter your phone number for verification purposes. You can skip this part, but it is highly recommended that you do not skip it. 

Because, if at any point in the future, you forget the passwords (it happens to the best of us), adding the phone number can help you recover the password. 

Account Set? Let’s Link To The App Now

If you have not downloaded the application already, download it first from the Play Store or App Store. On a newly downloaded application, the first option that you are given is for the account setup. 

However, you need to select Google from among the other options (Outlook, Hotmail, and Live; Yahoo; Exchange and Office 365; Other). This is one of the great things about Google,you can use the same app for other accounts. 

Account Setup and Linking

  • Select Google, and you will reach the login page. Here too, if you want you can set up a new account from scratch, since we have already done that, let’s skip to the part where you need to fill the details.
  • Enter the same email ID and password that you have just entered for making a new account. Or, enter the details of the account which you want to link with the app.
  • After the account details are authenticated, you will be shown the “Terms and Conditions” of setting up the account. Well, nobody reads these terms, but it’s good to go through them. However, you can also skip them if you want, there is an option given below.
  • Now you are all set to go. The account on the application will start to sync with the main web account. All the emails, contacts, calendar events, notes, and everything else that is saved on your account will be present on your phone.

Google has made our lives easier, more connected, and accessible from every end. You will realize how easy everything is to handle and work with once your accounts are synced with the mobile phone application. 

How to Link a New Gmail Account to the Gmail App


You might have set the password on the Gmail ID, but your phone’s Gmail application is still accessible by anyone who has access to your phone. 

To protect your Gmail app from unauthorized access, secure it with a password, pattern, or use the phone’s fingerprint authentication. 

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