How to Increase Social Media Engagement

Social media is no longer just a thing you use for connecting with long lost friends or meeting new ones. It is a huge business platform and those who know this fact are laughing their way to the bank.

You can only imagine how much money the big dogs are making, especially on Tik Tok, if even teenagers are generating money. It’s unusual to come across a thriving company these days that doesn’t also maintain a sizable online following.

The creation of a social media presence for your company is an important first step, but it is not enough on its own. The more people who are aware of your brand, the more fans you’ll have.

How to Increase Social Media Engagement

You’ll get the followers by consistently posting content that engages your followers.  When you constantly engage your followers, you’ll increase leads which, in turn, lead to an increased Return on Investment (ROI).

You’ll first need to understand your followers in terms of age, kind of content they like, and what’s trending. This way, you’ll only create content that relates to them which will make them engage with you.

They will engage through likes, comments, retweets, and shares which will attract even more followers. You should follow the tips ahead to get the brand awareness you need.

Define Your Goal

Whether on social media or otherwise, your first business strategy should be to set out a solid goal. Then it should be followed by what and how much you want to accomplish with this strategy.

It depends on what suits your brand and what your business has to offer. For instance, you should be able to clearly define what your followers will gain from engaging with your brand on social media.

For instance, if your brand is good at educating people, your strategy should concentrate on answering questions, giving advice, or sharing resources. Other examples of social media engagement goals include finding and nurturing leads. 

They could also include changing brand perception, getting feedback about campaigns or products, and providing information that moves customers to the next step in the buying journey.

Know Your Audience

They say good social media engagement is determined way before the actual posting of content. This is because you need to put on your audience’s shoes and understand how they feel before posting.

Ask yourself if you would take the action you are asking of them after reading your content. Before you decide on things like what to post and the frequency of posts, you need to get into your potential follower’s head.

The reason is that they will tell you what they want to see or engage with from your account. Very many businesses have made the mistake of guessing their audience’s preferred content.

That’s why you find some social media accounts never get the engagement they presumed. It is because they never got to know their audience.

To prevent that, you’ll need to find out what your customers want/need and their pain points. What are they struggling with and how can you help?

Make and Share Valuable Content

You should first and foremost, understand the fact that most people are busy. Therefore, share content that is simple and value-packed. No one has the time to read tons of paragraphs trying to figure out what you are saying.

Your content should add balance to your audience’s busy lives. For instance, you can share content about diet, exercises, self-care tips, and parenting tips, among others.

Also, to attract more attention, use more visuals like videos and pictures rather than words on Facebook, TikTok, and Twitter.

How to Increase Social Media Engagement
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Stay Topical

You should be on the lookout for topical and trending events and post about these. This is because people’s attention is diverted to that and you don’t want to miss on that engagement.

Every day, there are content moments being made. Therefore, you should be able to identify them and be a part of them. It can be a ‘breaking news’, current trends, or just tapping into developing trends.

Hashtags are crucial to increasing social media engagement.

Make a Move

You can divide your engagement into either reactive or proactive engagement. Reactive means you’ll answer direct messages, comments, or mentions which your business receives on social media.

That way, you are able to identify tools to use to handle incoming messages, whether sales or customer support will answer the messages and whether you’ll reply to every single message or not.

On the other hand, proactive engagement means you as the business owner makes the first move. People could be talking about your brand but their messages are not directed at you.

Look out for these relevant conversations based on phrases and keywords. These are potential engagements since they are already talking about your brand.

Last Say

Using social media to grow your business is a great idea. But like with anything else, you need to do your study, know your audience, and set your goals first. You should know what the goal of involvement is.

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