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It has been quite a while since I started using mobile apps to help me get that relaxing and sound sleep. Many mobile apps offer this kind of feature and service. I have tried quite a few sleep and relaxation apps until I found the perfect match for me.

The Sleep Sounds app is true to its name because it has been helping me to get that sound sleep at night. It offers quality sounds that soothe the mind for a refreshing sleep, sometimes addressing insomnia, snoring, and trouble falling asleep.

Aside from the sounds, I found the app interesting because I can personalize my experience on Sleep Sounds. So, learn more about what the app can do and how to personalize the experience to achieve that relaxing sleep that we all deserve.

  • Introducing The App For Sound Sleep
  • Discovering The Magical Dreamscape With Sleep Sounds
  • Listening To The Best Sounds For Sleeping
  • Have A Better Bedtime With Sleep Sounds
Sleep Sounds App - Sleep Peacefully
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Introducing The App For A Sound Sleep

I tried several ways to get that deep and sound sleep at night because I always find it difficult to fall asleep. As someone who is always on the internet, I read the various forums and watched some video tips thinking it would help me with my problem. So, I tried to buy relaxation candles and that chamomile tea before getting into bed.

Sleep Sounds App - Sleep Peacefully
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After trying all these things above, I still had the problem of falling asleep. It all changed when I read an article online and found out that there are mobile applications meant to help people relax their minds to have a sound sleep at night. Surprisingly, there is already a long list of available mobile apps out there.

I struggled to find the perfect app with everything that I want and the content that suits my preferences. Luckily, I found a great app that I can say is an effective solution to my problem, and it is called the Sleep Sounds app.

To my surprise, the Sleep Sounds app has already been in the market since August 2016. The app is categorized under the Sound Sleep – Relaxing Sounds and White Noise. With continuous improvement, the team made the app one of the top-rated and best-reviewed applications.

Understanding Deeper Sleep And Relaxation Apps

The Sleep Sounds app is considered a sleep and relaxation app that helps people address their sleep problems. Most of the time, teams and companies collaborate with experts to develop the best content suited to the users’ needs, making the app effective.

As living proof of the effects of these kinds of apps, I can say that Sleep Sounds helps me relax as I go to bed and prepare my mind to get that sound sleep that I want. According to some users, these sleep apps even cured their insomnia and snoring issues.

It is interesting that with the help of technology, people can resolve some of their sleeping problems. Since I mentioned that there are many available apps out there, it is up to the users to find what fits their needs and preferences best. As for me, I already found the Sleep Sounds app.

Discovering The Magical Dreamscape With Sleep Sounds

Upon installing the app from the Google Play Store for free, it provided me an overview of what they offer and what I can expect on the app. It immediately shows its goal for us, its users, to discover our best sleep by welcoming us to a magical dreamscape filled with relaxing sleep sounds.

Sleep Sounds App - Sleep Peacefully
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The Sleep Sounds app says I will begin my perfect sleep journey with just a tap, which is true. Creating an account on the app is optional, especially if you will use the free version. The account is only required for premium accounts with subscriptions to the app’s plan.

The intuitive layout of the user interface was the first thing that stood out to me after I set it up. The app’s dreamlike atmosphere, in my opinion, stems from the interface’s slick sophistication. In addition, I may switch between the New Experience and the original UI by selecting the appropriate option from the settings menu.

The differences between the two Experiences are the icons and color scheme. As a new user, I never had a hard time navigating the app’s features because it is organized and clear. It just really takes time to explore what the app has to offer.

Customizing The Sleep Sounds Experience

The app acknowledges that their users have their preferences in their experience on the app. So, they find ways to personalize the features because the users will be the ones who know what works for them when it comes to sleeping. I find this helpful since I can set things according to my needs.

The first setting is the timer or duration of the sound. Since the app aims to help users sleep, they intend to keep the sounds playing in the background before and during sleep. I can set when the sound stops, may it be hours or minutes after starting.

It takes some trial and error on how long the sound should be playing in the background because I get distracted during sleep in some cases. I tend to play the sound as soon as I start to prepare to go to bed and during the early part of my sleep. The sound volume is also customizable on the app aside from the volume buttons on your phone.

Listening To The Best Sounds For Sleeping

One of the things that Sleep Sounds boasts as a sleeping and relaxation app is the variety of content. What I mean by content is the sound that the app has, and I would say there are a lot of sounds. I think the amount of content is to satisfy the needs and wants of all its users.

Sleep Sounds App - Sleep Peacefully
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I can already enjoy six categories of sounds in the free account, wherein each category has a list of specific sounds. The categories are Rain & Thunders, Nature, Animals, Transport, Music & Instruments, and White Noise.

Interestingly, I can find the best sounds under each category. For example, in the Rain & Thunders, there is rain, rain on a window, rain on the roof, rain on leaves, rain under an umbrella, rain in the forest, thunders, heavy thunders, and snow. Look at how comprehensive the app is in terms of the variety of sounds.

With this fantastic amount of sounds available on the app, it is no doubt that everyone can find the best sound that can help them achieve a sound night’s rest. My personal favorites under other categories are fireplace, ocean, piano, harp, and calm.

Mixing And Matching Sounds

If someone asked me what fascinates me the most about the Sleep Sounds app, my answer would be the feature where I can mix sounds. Yes, it is possible to create the perfect sound for me to aid my sleeping.

It feels like I am a sound engineer or a music producer because of this feature. I can mix or add sounds to create a complex sound that fits my preference. It is only possible to add the sounds available on the app or the account version since premium accounts have more sounds.

I can mix the sound according to my taste, adding up to eight sounds as a new layer. It is also possible to vary the sound of each sound in the mix to create that perfect combination of sounds that will surely put me to sleep.

Have A Better Bedtime With Sleep Sounds

Since the Sleep Sounds app follows the freemium model, which means I can still enjoy the app without paying for a subscription. However, the team offers a subscription plan for users to fully enjoy the perks and features of the app without advertisement interruption.

Sleep Sounds App - Sleep Peacefully
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Aside from that, the users with a subscription plan can immediately access the newly released sleep sounds. But, the best of it all for me is the unlimited access to a vast library of sleep sounds because I can have many options to choose from in finding the best sounds to induce that perfect sleep.

If you want to get a good night’s sleep and relieve stress, I believe the subscription plan is money well spent. Paying a modest sum for such a handy and professional service is money well spent. Better Bedtime is the name of the plan, and there are two ways to pay for it: annually (about $25) or monthly (approximately $5).

Without much thinking, I subscribed to the plan after trying it for a few days because of its effectiveness. The app allows cancellation of the subscription anytime through your Google account.

Distractions And Limitations Of Sleep Sounds

My time spent using the software is diminished by a few minor issues, but fixing them is a breeze. So that you know what to anticipate, below are some of the app’s features.

There are intrusive ads on the free account, although they do not have sounds or music to affect or disrupt the ongoing sounds on the app. But, it indeed is distracting as a wrong tap can direct you to another link. It can be resolved through a subscription.

The next one is the inability to save the sound mixes. So, every time I have to mix and match the sound again, and it takes time to perfect the sound that I previously mixed.


True to its name, Sleep Sounds offer features that help me to sleep soundly at night. It has a long list of specific sounds that fit my preferences in soothing my mind. Moreover, the app allows me to mix sounds to have that perfect sound as a background before and during sleep.

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