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There are many different apps to pick from if you want to read ebooks, periodicals, listen to audiobooks, or watch podcasts. But if you’re looking for a good mobile app, I prefer Scribd.

Scribd is an app that offers readers the chance to explore, download, read, and listen to their favorite ebooks, audiobooks, magazines, podcasts, and even music sheets. It’s a very versatile app for anyone who wants to find new content through the Internet.

But with all these features, I was still wondering—is Scribd free to use, and does it have all the content I want? Find out what Scribd is all about, how to use it, and see what are my thoughts on using the app with my article down below.

  • What Scribd Is All About
  • How to Use Scribd
  • An Excellent Choice of Diverse and High Quality Content
  • What I Really Like About Using Scribd
  • My Thoughts on Scribd App as a Whole
Scribd - Audiobooks & eBooks App
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What Scribd Is All About

Scribd is a mobile app that offers a subscription service for audiobooks and ebooks. Whether you want to read the latest eBook or listen to audiobooks from a few years ago, Scribd has it all.

It is one of the best digital library platforms that I’ve discovered in the past few years. The app offers millions of different titles ranging from magazines and ebooks to sheet music to audiobooks and more.

There is a monthly fee after subscribing to the free trial version which I will discuss in detail further down below.

The combination of digital books and magazines alongside audiobooks makes Scribd my most highly recommended mobile app for online readers.

But What Does Scribd Do?

One of the main reasons I downloaded and subscribed to Scribd, is that it allows me to read or listen to thousands of different titles. Whether I’m using my Android or iOS phone, tablet, iPad, or even Kindle Fire, I can easily access the app and read the content of my chosen title.

Using the app, I can go through a wide variety of categories and then download the ones that catch my attention. The nicest thing is that I can grab the book on my Kindle and read it when I get home or before night.

What makes Scribd stand out for me is that Scribd also offers storytellers a platform to publish their own short stories and novels for other users to read.

How to Use Scribd

Scribd provides access to millions of titles through its library. Upon landing on the home page, I can immediately check out some of the recommendations from the app.

Scribd - Audiobooks & eBooks App
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The library is categorized into different genres and it is up to you to use different filters to find the title that you want to read. If you’re into exploring new genres, it’s best to try and use certain keywords to look for an ebook that might appeal to you.

Once I’ve found the title that I want, I can then add it to my library by tapping the Save button. I can also read the ebook later by downloading it beforehand. To do this, you can just tap Download and wait until the entire ebook is fully downloaded.

I can then read the ebook or listen to the audiobook anytime I want.

Find Out the Cost of Scribd Monthly Membership

As I’ve mentioned above, Scribd does have a monthly membership that will allow you to read, listen to, and download ebooks and audiobooks. The monthly subscription starts at $9.99 and will be automatically renewed every month.

The subscription should be canceled at least 24 hours before the following cycle begins to avoid any problems. If you’re interested in testing out the app, you can do so for free for two months after signing up.

If you want to sign up for the trial version, you’ll need a credit card, as the service will begin billing you monthly after the trial ends. You are free to terminate your subscription at any time if you decide you no longer want to use the service.

An Excellent Choice of Diverse and High Quality Content

The high quality and variety of content available within the app were major factors in my decision to start using Scribd on a monthly basis rather than another app. There is a wide selection of books, from the classics to the most recent works.

Scribd - Audiobooks & eBooks App
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There are also recent releases and recommendations based on your search history.

The editorial staff also has a personalized curated list of titles that they recommend you read, listen, or download to your device.

A lot more content is added in every update so I recommend you check it all out and see what you want to read next.

Is Scribd Really Unlimited?

The app offers unlimited access to content upon subscribing to their monthly service. However, is it truly unlimited for its users? As I was using the app, I realized that one of the books that I was reading midway was suddenly categorized as available soon.

This was a bit frustrating because I was already invested in the story. It was then I realized that the content is rotated due to many factors such as the general consumption level, costs, popularity, and their deal with the publishers.

While this is something that is out of my control, I still wish that the app provides a better solution for its users.

What I Really Like About Using Scribd

Now that I’ve provided you with some vital information about the Scribd app, here are the things that like about using the app.

Scribd - Audiobooks & eBooks App
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The fact that I can always switch or find a new ebook or audiobook if I don’t like the one that I have is what truly sets the app apart from the rest. Its accessibility to new and old titles gives me endless options to meet my reading needs.

There’s no other app that has done this before. Many users like using Scribd because the choices are there. You’ll always get an audiobook or an ebook that will hook you from beginning to end. Plus, I can listen to whatever title I want and move on to the next.

The recommendations are also on point with the app. Apart from that, I also get to explore different titles and even discover ones that are written by budding writers.

Some Noteworthy Features That Need Improvement

Scribd might not be for everyone. One of the downsides that I’ve noticed with Scribd is that it’s a little bit difficult to unsubscribe to the app.

There are times when I don’t want to use the app for a month and I end up paying for it anyway since it automatically charges my credit card. Another downside to using Scribd is that it doesn’t let me keep the books that I’ve downloaded for a long time.

However, this may not be a real problem for the app, there are just way too many good books for me to read or listen to. It’s just that good.

My Thoughts on Scribd App as a Whole

The Scribd app as a whole is a great mobile app to download and use. If you’re an avid reader who just can’t seem to put a book down, Scribd is an app that I highly recommend that you download and subscribe to.

Scribd - Audiobooks & eBooks App
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It’s also an app for every budding writer to share their stories with the world. For those who want to listen to audiobooks while stuck in traffic or waiting for the train to arrive, the Scribd app is the best way to listen to new stories.

The monthly subscription is already very budget-friendly, especially with the plethora of titles given with such access. It’s an app that every mobile reader should have.

How to Download

Now that I’ve provided you with everything there is to know about Scribd, it’s time that I teach you how to download the app. Scribd is available for download on all mobile devices including Android and iOS. Download the app exclusively at the Google Play Store and the App Store only.

If you care about the security of your device and your account, you should only download from these services. Find the app you want to install and touch the Install button. Do not tap Open to start using the app until the installation process is complete.

You will be asked for permissions and you will also need to input certain information such as your credit card number when you subscribe to the monthly service.


If you prefer to read ebooks and magazines or listen to audiobooks and podcasts, Scribd is something that I highly recommend for you.

It’s an app for mobile readers with its diverse content and very easy-to-use interface. Download the app today and access a myriad of books to get lost in.

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