How To Download A Calendar App And Optimize Schedules

We need to do lots of things daily such as work-related activities, fun-filled activities, or even basic things such as eating and sleep. Sadly, some of these activities are not properly organized in the day, and we end up doing them at the wrong times or not doing them at all.

That is why I decided to share this article with you. My organization tool, the Calendar app, makes daily organization easy and fun. 

Check out the benefits of the app and see how it can help you plan your daily activities and how to download it. I specifically focus on the following:

  • How Important Is Planning?
  • How To Download The App
  • Real-Time Syncing With Accounts
  • Keeping Track Of Important Dates
  • Tips On How To Use The Calendar App
How To Download A Calendar App And Optimize Schedules
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How Important Is Planning?

Let me share a personal experience with you. As a yoga instructor by day, and a freelance writer by night, I must say that balancing both sides of my life has been challenging. When I started out three years ago, I didn’t think it would be a problem to manage both career paths. 

How To Download A Calendar App And Optimize Schedules
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As fun and exercising as yoga is, it is a workout, and I am tired after completing all my yoga classes. Coming home in the late afternoons and staring at my laptop to craft a brilliantly engaging blog for marvelous people to read needed energy as well. 

I had to find this work balance. And at the time, I could not afford a personal assistant. I had to find a planner to help. I tried five organization apps, and some were too complicated for my lifestyle, and others just did not click. A good friend then recommended the Calendar app. 

I liked the simplicity but was wondering how a calendar app can help with what I’m facing. Fast forward to date, where I’m still using the app actively; I must say it has been beneficial. 

More About The Importance Of Planning

So, planning is quite essential as goals for the day are achievable. It is fulfilling as you set out plans and follow them through.

Proper planning saves you time, money, and resources. My motto, “Time is Money,” is valid, and it should be your motto too. For that reason, I suggest that you start using the Calendar App as well. In the next section, I will explain how you can download this life-saving application. 

How To Download The App

The Calendar app is available for download on the Google Play Store. You can easily use the direct Google Play Store link or search for the “Calendar” app in the app’s search pane area. A list of results would be shown. Click on the first option to be redirected to the installation page of the Calendar app.

How To Download A Calendar App And Optimize Schedules
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Click on the “Install” button, and then a page would pop up where you see the app’s requirements to run. The requirements are essential features to ensure that the app functions properly on your device. It includes access to your Google accounts and access to your device storage, among other basic stuff.

Accept these requirements, then complete the installation to have the Calendar app on your device.

Benefits Of The Calendar App

The app not only organizes my activities to simplify a life like mine but also provides me with a clear overview of what I need to do and when I need to do it.  That is why I titled this subheading as “benefits” of the app, not “features.” 

The work-life balance is possibly the main reason I love the app. You can lay out a plan for a day, a week, or even for a month, and follow through with it, making your life easier and more balanced in the process. 

With the application, you can set appointment times, fix meetings, conference calls in time slots where you are free. I found that if I am over-extended in my work and private life, it affects all areas of my well-being, which is why I believe that planning is the key to a healthy, happy life. 

Real-Time Syncing With Accounts

Another valuable benefit of the app is that it cuts across Google as well. You can sync any schedule that is fixed on your Google account directly into the Calendar app. 

How To Download A Calendar App And Optimize Schedules
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That includes the to-do lists and schedules from Google Calendar and all schedules linked to your Google mail accounts, how many they may be. I should note that you would need an internet connection for this synchronization. 

That means you do not have to worry about managing both calendars as they can all be viewed in a synchronized all-in-one view. 

It also means you do not have to worry about double-fixing appointments through your Google accounts and Calendar, as they would automatically be synced into your Calendar app. With the simplified views, you can check your to-dos from a daily view, weekly, monthly, or however you want, with real-time sync from your accounts.

On-Time Alerts On The Calendar App

You also get reminders for the day you planned. You might not be active in the app all day long, or you might forget to check the app now and then, but don’t fear the reminders will ensure that you keep to your schedule. 

If perhaps, you forget what you planned for the hour, the app alerts you of what you have planned, so you can get to it. In short, now you have a digital personal assistant in your pocket.

You can edit occasions and events by location and time zones too. Do you have a conference call at 13:00 CAT, but you use the GMT zone? You can edit and simplify this on your Calendar app to not fall behind on the conference. 

Keeping Track Of Important Dates

This is a common feature among several calendar applications. Keeping track of important dates such as “Mother’s Day,” “National holidays,” and even Christmas. Yes, some of these days might not be forgotten. But seeing them on your Calendar would remind you of the plans you have for that day.

How To Download A Calendar App And Optimize Schedules
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Other days that are easily forgotten are birthdays. Not yours, of course, but perhaps your best friend’s birthday, your good boss’s birthday, or your friendly neighbor’s birthday. These are days that might need lots of planning to find the right present. 

It might be too late if you remember on the same day. So, the Calendar app comes to the rescue and notifies you of these special times in your life.

A thing I do and would recommend is to quickly glance through the special or important dates each month. That would make you remember what you have planned each time you look at it and would make you prepare ahead of time.

How To Use The App

Setting to-dos, schedules, appointments, and events are easy with the app. After successful download and installation on your appropriate device, you launching the app is the next step.

The app’s simplistic homepage shows up, with accurate dates, and important events for that month already shown. To add a schedule, click on a date and the dating page will show up. Here you can label the day or set to-dos for each hour or time of the day.

The menu bar is worthy of being mentioned, and it is located in the top left corner of the screen. Here, you find features of the app, and settings where you customize your calendar, change colors, sync your accounts, and lots more.

Tips On How To Use The Calendar App

Set your list as you want it, and on time. The app would not automatically read your mind and figure out how you want to plan your day. I’m not sure technology is that advanced, yet!

How To Download A Calendar App And Optimize Schedules
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What you need to do daily, weekly, or monthly (however frequent you want to plan) is to input this information exactly how you want it organized. That would include time zones edits, allowing Google synchronization, setting out important dates, etc. 

For the last part, what I do personally is to set a “pre-personal date.” What I mean is that if Emily’s birthday (my best friend) is on October 5th for example, I set a date on the 3rd and 4th of October and label it “Bestie b-day on its way.” Do not laugh. 

You can edit yours however you want. This helps it keeps reminding me of such vital dates before they are due. 

Keep Your Application Up To Date

One last tip is about the app. Updates are encouraged as they are geared towards ensuring a better user experience. Looking out for updates is a good thing for bug fixes and a better user experience and interface.


I hope I have been able to break down the importance of the Calendar app as it helps sorts out your daily activities. This article looks at how the Calendar app can help organize and simplify your life. 

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