Discover How To Send Quick Messages With The Facebook Messenger App

Facebook Messenger is one of the most widely used messaging apps today. Developed by Facebook Inc., Facebook Messenger used to be a feature of Facebook, but it became a standalone iOS and Android app in 2011. 

In April 2020, Facebook launched Messenger for Desktop, which you can use if you have Windows 10 and macOS. Not only is the Facebook Messenger app simple to use, but it also offers far more features and customizations compared to other traditional messaging platforms. 

One of these is the ability to send quick messages to other app users. If Facebook Messenger helps you run your business or connect with friends, this guide on how to send quick messages on the Facebook Messenger app is for you. In the article, we will look at the following topics: 

  • How The Facebook Messenger App Works
  • How To Download The Facebook Messenger App
  • How To Send Messages On Facebook Messenger
  • Quick Messaging On Facebook Messenger
Discover How To Send Quick Messages With The Facebook Messenger App
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How The Facebook Messenger App Works

I use Facebook Messenger to keep in touch with family and friends and reach out to stores that sell products and services on their Facebook pages. With Facebook Messenger, I can send plain texts, videos, photos, stickers, and even files. The app also allows me to make voice and video calls. 

Discover How To Send Quick Messages With The Facebook Messenger App
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Inside chats with friends, you can react to their messages through an emoji. You just have to tap and hold on a specific message and choose the reaction that you want to make on that particular message. 

Facebook Messenger also allows users to run compatible third-party apps inside Messenger, such as GIF generators or movie ticketing services. 

Messenger users can also play games inside the app, like Space Invaders, PacMan, EverWing, and Words with Friends Frenzy. 

Facebook Messaging Continuous Updates And Improvements

What I particularly like is that the Facebook Messenger app can now be integrated with Instagram Direct. With this cross-app messaging feature, users can access the messages they receive on both apps and find them all in one place. 

Facebook Messenger continues to introduce new versions that cater to specific users. For instance, Messenger Kids was launched in December 2017 for persons under 13 years of age, and it has kid-friendly features that will give parents peace of mind. Messenger Kids features games, augmented reality filters and lenses, and educational content.

In April 2020, Messenger Rooms was launched to allow up to 50 Facebook users to join a video chat. It functions like Zoom, and even those that do not have a Facebook account can join. When you are in a “room,” you can control who can see and participate and block people from the call or lock a room if it is exclusive to a group of people.

How To Download The Facebook Messenger App

I find the ability to create a Messenger account without having a Facebook account convenient to those who want the messaging feature. This is ideal for those who need to connect with others and do not wish to be present on social media. This is possible by entering your phone number once you have already downloaded the Facebook Messenger app. 

Discover How To Send Quick Messages With The Facebook Messenger App
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If you want to download the Facebook Messenger app, it is available for iPhone and Android phones. If you are using your computer, you can access Messenger through the official Messenger website. Installing Messenger to your phone is free. 

For iOS users, go to the App Store and then tap the “Search” tab at the bottom of the screen. Type in Messenger, and once the results pop up, tap “Get” next to the Messenger icon. Once you have downloaded it, the app will be launched, and you can find the icon on one of your Home screen. 

You may be prompted to log in once the Messenger app has been launched. But you can use a fast log-in if you already have Facebook installed on your phone. When downloading the app, remember that you may need a wireless network, and you may be asked to enter your Apple ID password.

Downloading Messenger On Google Play 

If you are an Android user, open the Google Play Store. Look for “Messenger,” and from the results,  select the Messenger app developed by “Facebook.” Then, hit “Install” and check out the required permissions before tapping “Accept.”

You can log in with your Facebook account, or you may be asked to enter your password before you can download the app. There is also an option to add your phone number so that friends can easily find you. If you want to skip this part, you can tap “Not Now.”

Moreover, you can upload your phone contacts so that Messenger can automatically add those who have a Messenger account to your profile. Each time you add a new number to your phone’s contact and that number has a corresponding Messenger account, it will be automatically added to your Messenger friends list. 

How To Send Messages On Facebook Messenger

What I notice about the Facebook Messenger app is that it is much easier to manage than the website version. When you’re on the home screen, you can easily access your messages and favorite threads. There is also a navigation bar at the bottom of the screen for the functions you always need.

Discover How To Send Quick Messages With The Facebook Messenger App
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The Home screen displays the messages of your friends and family and all the functions that you need to send a message to another user. You can start a thread, send stickers, take photos and videos and receive them as well. The Call screen allows you to the dial numbers in your contact list, and you can see your call log history. 

I can categorize my contacts on the Group screen, and the categories could be friends, family, work, or social events. Meanwhile, the People screen allows you to search for a specific person in your contact list and see who has the Messenger app. This is also where you send invites to others to install the application or connect with other users.

The Me screen allows you to view your profile information, including your contact number and Messenger link. You can also scan QR codes to add other users to your contact list.

Inside Messenger’s Chatbox

Inside the chatbox of Messenger is where you can enter your text. If you want to make an audio call, you just have to tap the phone icon in the top right corner of the screen. If you’re going to make a video call, you can tap the video icon.

I love sending photos to friends and family, and the picture icon inside the chatbox makes the process easier for me. I just tap it, and the photos from my gallery will appear. I will tap the photo or photos I want to send and then tap the send button. 

Another favorite feature is the voice message button because it is so convenient when you are busy. For example, if I am cooking and can not hold the phone with my hands, I just have to tap the microphone icon, speak, and then hit send. The voice message feature can record sounds up to one minute in length.

Quick Messaging On Facebook Messenger

I noticed that Facebook Messenger’s upgrades are all about making messaging easier not just for a regular user like me but also for businesses. For instance, a quick reply is a feature that displays suggested answers to respond to messages. 

Discover How To Send Quick Messages With The Facebook Messenger App
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Your quick replies reflect the data associated with your Facebook account or canned responses made by businesses to help you respond faster. 

Businesses with Facebook Pages can set up an auto-reply on Facebook Messenger, so they can respond quickly to customers who expect fast service. 

If you are in a meeting, on a phone call, or arranging orders for another customer, you can let them know that you are not available at the moment through the auto-reply. 

Instant Replies To Messages

With Instant Replies, you can craft messages that will become your Page’s first response to new customers. To turn on your Instant Replies, go to the Settings at the top of your Page. Choose Messaging in the left column and click Yes below Send Instant Replies to anyone who messages the page. 

If you want to edit your automatic reply, you can click Change, edit the message, and click Save. I know that it can be frustrating when there are unwanted messages that land in your inbox. 

Facebook Messenger can filter spam by categorizing them as messages that do not come from your contacts. It could go to the other inbox or become a message request. 


Facebook Messenger is an easy-to-use app with cool settings that allow its users to communicate quickly and smoothly. 

With its instant messaging functions and simplified interface, Facebook Messenger can perform basic communication tasks and features that can be enjoyed by anyone who wants to connect with their friends and have fun.

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