Daily News App – Learn How to Download

With a lot of things happening in the world nowadays, being out of touch could lead to misguided decisions every day. Thanks to news apps like the Daily News, almost everything you need to know is at your fingertips. From news to entertainment, the app has something for you to read.

With the easily readable interface and offline reading mode, the Daily News app is the perfect companion while you’re drinking your morning coffee or traveling to work. 

Access global coverage of different topics and your much-needed updates about the city. Here’s a quick guide to the Daily News app.

  • About the Daily News App
  • Key Features of the Daily News App
  • How to Download the Daily News App
  • Security of the App
  • How to Subscribe to the Daily News App
Daily News App - Learn How to Download
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About the Daily News App

The Daily News is the application of the newspaper The New York Daily News, officially titled the Daily News. The app version of the publication exhibits its journalistic quality, delivering top news, scoops, and photo galleries 24/7.

Daily News App - Learn How to Download

I find the Daily News app’s live reporting of national and local stories extensive and up to date. It covers the latest issues in the city and beyond. 

The newspaper’s network of journalists, columnists, and editors keeps the contents fresh and provides readers their New York exclusives. 

The Daily News’ coverage extends even to Mets, Yankees, Jets, and Giants. The app reflects the years of reporting experience

The Organizations Behind the App

The New York Daily News was founded in 1919 and peaked in circulation in 1947, with 2.4 million copies a day. It ranked as the eleventh-highest circulated newspaper in the US in 2019.

The newspaper is owned by the Tribune Publishing Company, an American newspaper print and online media publishing company that also runs The Baltimore Sun, the Chicago Tribune, the Orlando Sentinel, The Virginian-Pilot, South Florida’s Sun-Sentinel, and the Hartford Courant.

To date, the New York Daily News app has been downloaded over 100,000 times. Like the main publication, the app is armed with different sections, straightforward functions, and a navigable layout.

Key Features of the Daily News App

With its features and fast updates, the Daily News app will keep you in the loop about the city, whether you are looking for the standings on your favorite games or the latest mergers in business. From recaps to hard-hitting headlines, the Daily News app is filled with content on sports, economics, business, finance, and polities.

Daily News App - Learn How to Download
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It uncovers controversies, success stories, market data, profiles, interviews, and current affairs. You can switch on the app’s push notifications so you will be notified right away of any breaking news from the newsroom on a customizable set of topics.

What I like most about the app is that the news stories are updated throughout the day as they develop. The info is delivered by trustworthy international and local sources. With this, you receive new details in real-time whenever and wherever possible.

Browsing the news on the Daily News app is not complicated. You get to track the news by simply swiping section to section. You can go through section fronts without abandoning your page. 

Reading Convenience

I appreciate the fact that the app has built-in features that make a user’s reading experience a breeze. For instance, users can customize the app’s font size for optimal legibility. You can view the paper’s contents in classic print format or long-hold on any story to view the text version. 

You can also tap or pinch to zoom for easier reading. Meanwhile, the save for later functions allows one to save news reports, videos, and photos that they want to view later. 

Another fantastic feature of the Daily News app is the offline reading mode. The app allows readers to download content and read it later even without an Internet connection.

How to Download the Daily News App

Having the Daily News app on your device makes news consumption convenient and accessible. If you want to experience that yourself, you can install the Daily News app onto your iPhone and Android phones.

Daily News App - Learn How to Download
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Android users can download the Daily News app from the Google Play Store. Open the service on your phone and search for “Daily News.” When you find “New York Daily News” by Tribune Publishing Inc., click on the app and then tap “Install.”

iPhone users must head to the App Store to download the Daily News app. Search for “Daily News” and once you find the name, click on the “Get” button. I suggest trying the Daily News app for one month first so you can evaluate if its features are for you. 

Daily News Subscriptions

You can try a one-month subscription and get an additional week for free. A six-month subscription costs $13.99 while a one-month subscription costs $2.99. Both subscriptions will give users one month of free usage.

Meanwhile, non-subscribers can install the app on their device to consume five free stories each month. They can try a free month of subscription before fully subscribing to nydailynews.com. 

Note that the website and eNewspaper can be visited in web browsers, but the mobile app version of the eNewspaper has a separate subscription.

Security of the App

When you have downloaded the Daily News app onto your phone, you must be aware of the security features running in it. As a user, you have to aware that Daily News may collect information about you while using the app. 

Daily News App - Learn How to Download
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The details include your username, name, password, postal address, email address, mobile phone number, phone number, gender, and birth year. The information you enter in the app as well as your video, audio, and photos may also be accessible. 

The app could also track your activities, such as when you participate in a contest or register for a promotion, join surveys, make purchases, seek additional features like newsletters, or sign up to receive SMS, desktop, or mobile notifications. 

Note that the app can detect and analyze information, such as geological data, IP addresses, browser language, browser types, and operating system.

Location Data Collection

In terms of location, the app collects information about your location, which covers general information like IP address, and more specific details, such as the GPS-based functionality used to access the app’s services. 

Third parties such as search engines, advertisers, or other partners may collect information from you, such as your name, email address, home address, or device information, like your IP address.

How to Subscribe to the Daily News App

I find the subscription to the Daily News app easy. If you’re a current subscriber to nydailynews.com, you only have to sign in with your email address and password. This will give you unlimited access to the app’s latest news stores.

Daily News App - Learn How to Download
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On the other hand, if you are a current print subscriber, you can simply activate your account at nydailynews.com/activate to enjoy unlimited app access before you log into the app. 

For subscribers of the web version of the eNewspaper that appears in a browser and have activated access to the website and app, they can just sign into the app using an email and password. 

To get access to other digital platforms, you can check out nydailynews.com/activate to sign up for unlimited web and app access. If you are an existing subscriber to the eNewspaper mobile app and paying through the Google Play Store, this setting is standalone and does not cover access to this real-time news app or nydailynews.com.

Subscription Renewal and Cancellation

I think it is fair and more convenient that the subscription to the Daily News app automatically renews every month. It can only stop if the auto-renew is turned off within one’s Account Settings at least 24-hours before the end of the current period.

By then, the user will be charged $7.99 for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the present period. When you are active during the subscription period, you are not allowed to cancel any current subscription.

The services provided by the Daily News app are not accessible to individuals under the age of 16. Third parties such as platform providers like iTunes Store or Google Play may give age-based ratings on some of the services.


Both the App Store and the Google Play Store offer different news apps, and it can be quite overwhelming. But the Daily News app is all about ease, functionality, and real-time updates. Reading the news doesn’t have to be complicated, and the app’s features promise speed and clarity.

Whether it is in-depth reporting or easy-to-digest briefs, the Daily News app gives you the top stories in your city and beyond. It’s a customizable source of information that exhibits the highest level of quality in terms of its system and content. 

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