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If you’re looking for a yoga app, chances are you’ve already been stressed out by the sheer number of results you would get from a single search. This is kind of ironic, given that yoga should be a relaxing workout option for you.

This was the same feeling I had when I started with my yoga journey. As yoga became more mainstream, the number of mobile apps dedicated to it also grew in number, making the choice of downloading an app more difficult for beginners.

Luckily, I stumbled upon the Asana Rebel app and I have never looked back since. It is more than just a yoga-inspired fitness app; it promotes a healthy lifestyle for its users. If you are curious about this app, continue reading the article below.

  • Understanding The Concept Of Yoga As Exercise
  • Examining Asana Rebel As A Fitness And Lifestyle App
  • Getting Into The Amazing Features Of The Asana Rebel App
  • Downloading And Installing The Asana Rebel App On Your Device
  • Perks Of Getting A Premium Subscription With Asana Rebel
Asana Rebel App - Get In Shape
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Understanding The Concept Of Yoga As Exercise

While the concept of yoga is based on one of the six orthodox philosophical schools of Hinduism and refers to a group of physical, mental, and spiritual practices, it has become more popular globally as a form of exercise.

Asana Rebel App - Get In Shape
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Yoga as exercise consists of postures that are often connected by flowing sequences and accompanied by breathing exercises. 

These postures are derived from the medieval spiritual discipline of Haṭha yoga, but its non-postural practices have been reduced or completely removed in modern postural yoga.

The popularity of yoga has made it a worldwide multi-billion-dollar business, ranging from classes and certification of teachers to clothing and equipment, such as yoga pants and yoga mats. The proliferation of mobile devices also led to the development of yoga apps.

A Brief Discussion On The Origins Of Yoga

The word yoga comes from the Sanskrit term “yuj,” which means attaching, joining, harnessing, and yoke. This makes sense since yoga’s original spiritual and philosophical goal is to unite the human spirit with the divine.

The modern concept of yoga as a form of exercise is mainly derived from Hatha yoga, the branch of yoga that uses physical postures. Hatha means “force” in Sanskrit, referring to its use of physical techniques.

While spiritual leader Vivekananda introduced yoga to the Western world during his 1893 visit to the World Parliament of Religions in Chicago and through his 1896 book Raja Yoga, he rejected Hatha yoga. Yoga teacher Yogendra was the one who made it acceptable in 1919 and focused on its health benefits.

Examining Asana Rebel As A Fitness And Lifestyle App

Asana Rebel describes itself as a yoga and fitness app for anyone looking to get fit, lose weight, and begin a healthy lifestyle. It combines several activities, from high-intensity workouts to moving meditations, to integrate your goals into your lifestyle.

Asana Rebel App - Get In Shape
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The app offers yoga sessions that can vary from a quick five-minute morning stretch to a full one-hour power yoga session which can be part of your daily exercise routine. 

Aside from exercises, Asana Rebel emphasizes the development of healthy habits through quizzes and nutrition hacks.

After using the app for several months now, I can attest that the app doesn’t pressure you to achieve big goals like dramatic weight loss but instead focuses on achieving simple and more achievable goals.

A Closer Look At Asana Rebel Workouts

Since the app’s exercises are based primarily on yoga, workout sessions using the app do not use any other tools or equipment aside from your own body weight. Since I travel a lot for work, I don’t need to bring any equipment with me since I don’t need to bring any equipment. 

However, since it doesn’t use weights, this is not ideal for those who want to build bulky muscles but is instead intended to make people more toned.

Another thing I like about Asana Rebel workouts is that they are relatively short but effective nonetheless, making the transition to a healthy lifestyle easier. This also benefits me as I can usually spare less than an hour for exercise, which is not enough time if you’re planning to go to a local gym.

Getting Into The Amazing Features Of The Asana Rebel App

Aside from the workout sessions, the Asana Rebel app has several other features that take it from just a fitness app to a healthy lifestyle guide.

Asana Rebel App - Get In Shape
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The app provides its users with a food plan that compliments the workouts to achieve the user’s goal. Not only does it offer recipes with detailed cooking instructions, but it also identifies the health benefits of the food you eat.

I saw various recipes on the app, from easily digestible recipes to anti-inflammatory foods and recipes that improve mental performance. This is a great feature for me because the app informs me about which foods complement the workouts I do and the health and fitness goals I want to achieve.

Meditating My Way Into Fitness

The amazing features of Asana Rebel do not stop with the workouts and recipes. The app also offers meditation sessions that I never knew could greatly benefit my overall health.

The meditation sessions available through the app are led by a professional meditation coach who shares techniques and methods for achieving success. 

As a person who works in a fast-paced environment and is expected to perform under pressure, the concept of meditation was far from my mind. However, after I started doing sessions through the app, I feel that it helped me establish healthier eating habits, remove stress, and improve my sleep.

Downloading And Installing The Asana Rebel App On Your Device

The Asana Rebel app is available for Android and iOS device users, making it accessible to most mobile device users globally. What’s great about it is that my account, linked to my email, can be used on both platforms, allowing me to use it with my Android smartphone and iPhone.

Asana Rebel App - Get In Shape
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For Android device users, open your Google Play Store to search for the app, and you will find Asana Rebel: Get in Shape under the Health & Fitness category. The app has an Editor’s Choice seal and is currently rated at 4.4 out of 5 stars based on more than 35,000 reviews.

The app has a file size of 108 MB and requires Android 5.0 or later to run on your mobile device. Tap on the Install button to start downloading and installing the app.

Asana Rebel App For iOS

Meanwhile, iOS users would find the app on the Apple App Store under the Workout and Nutrition Plans category. This version of the app is currently rated at 4.7 out of 5 stars based on almost 47,000 reviews.

It has a much bigger file size than its Android counterpart at 277.1 MB and requires iOS 13.3 or later for the iPhone and iPad Touch and iPadOS 13.3 or later for the iPad. It can also be installed on a Mac and AppleTV.

To initiate the download and installation process, tap on the Get button.

Perks Of Getting A Premium Subscription With Asana Rebel

Although the Asana Rebel app is free to download and install on both platforms, you will need to get a subscription to have unlimited access to all its content, such as personalized workout plans based on your specific health and fitness goals.

Asana Rebel App - Get In Shape
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The majority of the single workouts are available with the free version, but all programs can only be accessed via a subscription, including specific workouts like cleansing detox yoga sessions, fat-burning yoga, and a flexibility hangout.

Subscription pricing will vary based on the currency.

Costs Of The Asana Rebel Subscription

If you’ve decided to go for the full Asana Rebel experience, then you should be aware of the costs of subscribing to the service. 

A one-month subscription will cost you $15.99, while an annual subscription is priced at $35.99, which means you would virtually be paying just $2.99 per month. Asana Rebel offers a 14-day money-back guarantee which you can use if you did not like the app’s features.

Payment for the subscription service can be made via major credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. Because I was committed to using the app on a long-term basis, I personally got an annual subscription with Asana Rebel.

The Bottom Line

After a few months of using the app, I could attest that Asana Rebel is not only helping me achieve my fitness goals through its yoga workouts, it has also transformed my lifestyle into a healthier one. The food plans helped a lot because I have also transitioned into a vegan diet, and I got several recipes.

I also felt like the meditation sessions I’ve done through the app also helped reduce my stress from work and somehow made me more patient and less confrontational as a person. I would recommend this app to my friends and family, so if you’re interested in it, don’t hesitate to install the app now.

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