Find Out How to Watch UFC For Free Online

Many people love to stay on top of the UFC fights that are going to determine the ultimate champion. However, this is not always easy.

The ESPN+ streaming network is home to most of these types of fights. Not everyone has the ability to connect to this network, though.

Luckily, we found some great ways to view these live fights from UFC free of charge. Read on if you want to know what is happening in the world of UFC for free.

Find Out How to Watch UFC For Free Online

How To Watch the Fights For Free

There are several methods to watch the fights live, but here is a list of apps and services that are both safe to use and, best of all, FREE.


This is free and open-source program that can be used to transform practically any media device in your home into a home theater system. It is compatible with your PC, Amazon Fire TV stick, and any other mobile device.

In order to be able to use this Kodi software, you need to install it on your mobile device. Alternatively, you can install it on your Amazon Fire TV stick to be able to use it with your home viewing system.

How To Install It On Your Amazon Fire TV Stick

If you want to install this app on your Fire TV stick, you will have to jailbreak the TV stick. That is necessary so that it can work properly on your device at home so you can enjoy all the benefits of this software.

In itself, Kodi is useless if you do not have any content, so you need to find your own content for your entertainment. That is why it is necessary to install third-party software that can run within Kodi on your Amazon Fire TV stick.

This might be a bit complicated for someone with no technical experience when it comes to these types of things. That is why you need to watch the following YouTube video on how to install Kodi to enjoy your content.

How To Download Kodi

The app can easily be downloaded for your devices from the Google Play Store and installed on your devices free of charge. Here, you can simply follow the onscreen instructions to get it completely installed on your mobile device.

Mobdro APK

This is also a streaming software that can be used on any Android mobile device to watch UFC fights for free. It can be used to watch a huge variety of free streaming content, including movies and sports, as well.

Everything you are able to watch with this app is free of charge, and that includes all the live fights for UFC. What this app does is search the Web for free content and bring it all to one place where you can watch it.

How To Install Mobdro On Your Amazon Fire TV Stick

When you want to install this app on your Android devices, you will have to change the Android settings first. Go to the settings and change it to allow apps from unknown sources so it can be installed on your device.

That also goes for your Fire TV stick. Just put the settings for allowing unknown apps to the on position.

Now, you need to download another software from the Google Play Store to your Fire TV stick. This software is called Downloader.

How To Download Mobdro

To download this app onto your device, you just need to go to the Google Play Store by using Downloader. To use this app, you just need to launch the app, and it will give you a user-friendly menu to choose what to watch.

For complete information on how to use Mobdro, watch the following YouTube video. You’ll be able to watch your favorite fights in no time.

Use YouTube

Another easy way to watch your UFC fights is to use YouTube to watch it. You only need to type in the YouTube search for the fight and end it with the word Stream.

The disadvantage of this strategy is that you may lose the fight at some point if YouTube is shut down. If you are determined to continue watching, then type everything into the search tab again and you will discover another battle to watch.

Find Out How to Watch UFC For Free Online


There are many other ways to watch live fights, but they are quite complicated to use. The options mentioned here are some of the easier ways to keep you connected and informed.

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