Sea of Thieves: Discover How to Get Free Ancient Coins via Getting Ancient Skeletons

Sea of ​​Thieves is an MMO adventure game developed by Rare in which players have the opportunity to become pirates. You will be able to organize crews, sail aboard ships, fight against other crews for the supremacy of the oceans, and win rewards. 

The Sea of ​​Thieves game has everything you need to live a real pirate life. In a world where hidden treasures, exotic islands, and natural and supernatural dangers coexist, Sea of ​​Thieves immerses you in a new type of cooperative action. 

The currency you can trade in the game is ancient coins. Let’s find out together how you can get them!

Sea of ​​Thieves: Discover How to Get Free Ancient Coins via Getting Ancient Skeletons

About Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves is a world where you can explore and sail a vast ocean, venture into new regions, and discover the secrets of islands and sunken ships. Hunt for treasures by following the map and guess the riddles in each region.

In an attempt to become a true pirate legend, you will destroy any threat and enjoy a unique gaming experience. Sea of Thieves is only played online. An Xbox Live Gold subscription is required to play the game. 

Sea of Thieves Objective

The game is delivered as a voucher (digital code) and can be downloaded from for both PC (Windows 10) and Xbox One consoles. Game options are Co-op and Online Multiplayer (Multiplayer Requirements: Xbox Live Subscription). 

How to Play

You can engage in battles with other ships for rewards, chasing ships through violent storms. Whether you play with friends, look for another crew or want to play alone, you will have fun and memorable encounters in a world where each crew contains real players

With the reel in your hand and the gun in your holster, you get the freedom to live a pirate life. But what legend will you leave behind? Team up with other players, set sail to find adventures, and create your own experience in Sea of Thieves. You must be at least 13 years old to log in to Sea of Thieves servers.

How to Get Free Ancient Coins via Getting Ancient Skeletons

Ancient Skeletons is the only way to get ancient coins through the game. They are golden or blue, and the skeletons come with a large bag of ancient coins strapped to the back.

As a player approaches, the skeleton will begin to run while a song starts playing. The good part is that they don’t have much life and are very easy to catch.

However, you don’t have much time to kill them: only 10 seconds. If you succeed, you will receive a message that you have received the ancient coins; if not, it will disappear and re-enter the earth. The exact amount you are rewarded with does not appear directly on the screen (as you see when you receive Gold or Doubloon rewards), but the estimate can be made after the pop-up message appears.

The estimation is made according to the users’ reports. There are three levels of rewards, and all three are different, in terms of graphics and names:

  • level 1 – Ancient Skeleton Stars (most common): 100-200
  • level 2 – Ancient Skeleton Fortune: 200-400
  • level 3 – Ancient Horde of the Skeleton (the rarest): 400-800

Why You Want Them and How to Use Them

First of all, you want these ancient coins through ancient skeletons because it’s the only way to avoid paying real money to buy them. 

You can use the coins to buy the different cosmetic goodies for your ships, pets emotes and a lot of items that you can find in Pirate Emporium. If you are interested in other free ways to play other games, visit this link.

How to Download Game

You can buy the Sea of Thieves game by clicking here (Xbox Game Pass Ultimate included). You have to login into your Microsoft account or create a new one. 

Then, you have to pay for the game or redeem a voucher code. Once brought or redeemed, the game will appear in “My library” and you have to press on the game logo, then install.

Sea of ​​Thieves: Discover How to Get Free Ancient Coins via Getting Ancient Skeletons


This game gives you an almost crazy freedom of exploration, and you will certainly not get bored playing. Users who have already played have only words of praise for the game, and we can only confirm that the game is based on an exciting idea. Maximize your game experience by following the tips for free ancient coins!

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