Learn How to Level Up Fast on Pou – Tips and Tricks

For some, it is just a game, but for others, it is much more. It is a friend that is there whenever you are in need. 

Pou is similar to a realistic pet (a virtual pet, to be more precise) that wants to eat, sleep, play, and dress well. It is the cutest thing, and it fills your free time with joy.

According to experts, it is similar to Tamagotchi, a game that was quite popular a long time ago. Pou is its modern, affordable version, and anyone should have it.

Learn How to Level Up Fast on Pou - Tips and Tricks

The Game – Brief Explanation

It has been said that the main character of this application is an alien. If you take a closer look at it, it is brown in color, and its shape reminds a lot of poop. Plus, the pronunciation of its name gives that vibe, as well.

It is based on the game, Tamagotchi, which was popular back in 1996. That game was also virtual, and it included a small alien that required human care and attention. The future of the alien depended on the human that possessed it.

Unlike the original game, Pou does not die. It does get messy, but that messiness can be fixed in an instant.

For Android users, the Pou game is free, and it can be found in the Play Store. The process of obtaining it is quite easy. You simply download it, install it, and start playing.

Unfortunately, this cannot be said for iOS users. iOS users must pay $1.99 to obtain it. It may not be free, but it is still affordable, and a lot of people are playing it. 

The process of getting it is just as easy. You find it on the App Store, pay for it, download it, install it, and start playing it.

The game is quite popular and is supported by the public. Many famous people, including pop stars, bloggers, and YouTubers, promote it and review it. It has been proven that this game can brighten your day.

Pou and the Responsibilities 

Pou has no gender, no clothes, and no name when you start playing. Those things come later in the game with the experience you gain. There are activities in which you can earn coins.

Those coins are later used for buying different items that are going to satisfy you, as well. Your responsibilities are simple. You need to feed it, shower it, play with it, and let it sleep.

The playing takes place in the special game room. There are two online games and twelve offline games

The games are calm and do not require special skills. They let your Pou earn coins and experience points.

To be more precise, each activity is happening in a different room. There is a bedroom, kitchen, hall, playing room, lab, game room, and shop. 

The shop allows you to buy different items with the coins you get by doing all the previously mentioned activities. Those activities also help you to improve your score and go further with your levels. How to level up better is easy, but a couple of tips should be implemented.

How To Level Up Fast

Feed it – Unlike humans, Pou has to be fed at least four or five times a day. Desserts are a must, and drinks should not be neglected. 

Keep it clean – Pou gets dirty all the time, especially after eating. If you want to get more than 15 coins per day, then you should clean it after every meal. 

Play games – Another thing that will get you experience points and coins are the games. It will also increase the “Fun” status and unlock special items. Match Tap, Memory, and Free Fall are the best.

Sleep – Pou must sleep to become able to do all the previously mentioned activities. The full energy will indeed bring more to the table and make you available for improvement sooner than you think.

You are the one who is tested with this game. Becoming available to take care of your alien pet at all times will improve some of your personal skills, as well.

The game is quite addictive, but it is fun. It can be played at a young age, since there are no particular guidelines and requirements. 

Learn How to Level Up Fast on Pou - Tips and Tricks


And there you have it! All the tips and tricks you need to level up fast in Pou! We hope that you enjoy playing this exciting game, which is great fun for the whole family!

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