Discover How to Get More Crystals in Paladins

‘Paladins’ is a team-based first-person shooter that pits players against each other in teams of five. The game’s focus is on the cast of unique heroes or ‘Champions’, each outfitted with their unique weapons and abilities so that each Champion has a unique playstyle and feel.

As a free to play game, most of the money the developers make from Paladins come from in-game purchasable cosmetic items purchased with the premium currency known as ‘Crystals‘.

Within this article, we’ll highlight various information and mechanics of the game and how to get Crystals.

Discover How to Get More Crystals in Paladins

The Objectives and How to Play

Paladins contain three main game modes – excluding special event game modes – which take place across a multitude of maps, each with unique environments and elements that each team can take advantage of.

The maps are each tailored to the specific game modes that take place on them, so you must be sure to know the layouts and the elements of the map to take full advantage of what each map has to offer.


Siege is perhaps the most well-known game mode of Paladins. Each team will spawn with their Champions and will have to battle each other over a control point. The team that captures this point gets the payload, and one point.

The payload must then be escorted to the enemy team’s spawn, while the enemy team must stall and prevent this from happening. Should the payload be delivered, you gain an additional point, but should the enemy defend successfully, they gain the point.

As this game mode goes on and the attacking team gets closer to the defending team’s spawn point, the action ramps up, and the game grows more and more intense.


Onslaught is a game mode that is Paladins’ version of the classic ‘King of the Hill’ game mode, where each team must try and control the capture point, defending it and keeping the other team off of it. For each kill your team gets, you gain five tickets, and for each second you hold the objective, you gain one ticket.

The first team to reach 400, or the team closest to this by the end of the match, wins.

There is also a variant of the game mode actually called ‘King of the Hill’ where the capture point changes each minute and a half. Kills now gain you only three tickets, and the respawn locations are randomized, with a death lasting 8 seconds, extending based on far ahead of your enemy you are in tickets.

Team Deathmatch

Classic TDM, where two teams of five go head to head to rack up as many kills as possible. Each team has until they reach 40 kills to win.


‘Crystals’ is the premium in-game currency used in-game, primarily for cosmetics, but also to purchase more Champions and Treasure Chests and change your in-game username.

Certain cosmetics are only available with Crystals, while all Champions can be obtained with the other, standard currency, albeit for a much higher price. You can also use Crystals to open premium Treasure Chests, which allow you to try your luck at getting new cosmetics or other items, sometimes at a fraction of the cost.

You can obtain Crystals in various ways, such as purchasing them in-game, through the Online Store, by redeeming promo codes, and from special events in-game.

The Season Pass will reward you with Crystals at certain milestones, and you can sometimes receive Crystals through special in-game Quests. You can also get Crystals should a friend of yours start playing using the Refer-A-Friend system.

Where to Download

Paladins is available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, as well as on the Nintendo Switch and PC. Be aware that it is not suitable for ages below 12.

The game can be downloaded off the respective console’s stores and their website and other game hosting platforms such as Steam.

Discover How to Get More Crystals in Paladins


Paladins is a unique game that contains fun gameplay and a multitude of individual Champions to take control of and fall in love with. Crystals will allow to unlock more and more Champions, as well as customize them further with cosmetic items.

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