Discover These 2020 Hair Color Changing Apps

If you are looking for a new look and want to dye your hair, but don’t know which color to choose, don’t worry! There are apps to help you out.

If you’re curious about how you would look with unconventional hair colors or if you’re considering purchasing a new hair color product, there are fantastic apps available to help you accomplish your goals.

Here, we’ve compiled a list of some of the top hair color-changing apps. Let’s get started!

Discover These 2020 Hair Color Changing Apps

YouCam Makeup-Magic Selfie Cam

YouCam Makeup-Magic Selfie Cam is one of the best-rated apps in this domain. It has stellar reviews on both Google Play and Apple App Store. With such a satisfied user base, this app is a must-try.

By harnessing augmented reality technology, this app allows you to instantly experiment with an extensive range of hair colors and even try out different hairstyles.

One significant advantage is that it provides genuine hair dye products, ensuring an authentic experience. If you discover a color you adore, the app conveniently offers the option to purchase the recommended dye directly from YouCam.

With built-in facial detection, you can use this app to try new forms of makeup, or adjust your selfies with tools for smoothing the skin, whitening teeth, modifying the facial shape, and many more. YouCam Makeup-Magic Selfie Cam is available on both Google Play and App Store.

The app is available for free, offering a range of features. However, to access all the benefits and unlock functionalities such as saving photos in HD, removing the watermark, enjoying an ad-free experience, and utilizing various advanced tools, upgrading to the Premium version is required.

Hair Color Dye – Switch Hairstyles Wig Photo Makeup

Hair Color Dye – Switch Hairstyles Wig Photo Makeup stands out from the rest, coming with very easy to use tools to personalize your hair. You will soon find yourself trying looks that you thought were impossible to create.

For unique hairstyles, this is possibly the best app you can use. By being able to place colors wherever you want, you can try some pretty interesting looks.

You are not given the option to use a live camera, so you will have to upload a photo of yourself to work with. Then, you are given the option to select and edit different areas of your hair, and get in the end, a realistic result.

Simply trace the desired area of hair that you wish to color, then choose your preferred hue and evaluate the outcome. This intuitive process allows you to experiment with various options, including faded colors, vibrant rainbows, or even search for your favorite shade.

As a free app, it’s only purchases that can be made in the app. These are for buying new colors at the price of $0.99. With an in-app purchase, you will also get an ad-free experience as a bonus. Hair Color Dye -Switch Hairstyles Wig Photo Makeup is available on the App Store.

Style My Hair: Try On & Color

Style My Hair: try on & color is created for, and with the help of L’Oreal. Made by some of the best in the business, it lives up to the expectations with fast and easy to use settings.

If your main requirement is to try hair colors, this is the app for you. It probably has the largest database of hair colors, from all the natural colors to pinks and different shades of copper. Looks like balayage and ombre are available for you to try thanks to the 3D technology.

Every day, you are notified about the latest hair coloring trends and style, and you will also receive tips and tricks. Once you have found your color and style, the app will direct you to a L’Oreal professional salon to make the change.

This app provides a seamless user experience with free access and precise hair color accuracy. Its extensive selection of color palettes offers a diverse array of options. The sole limitation of this app is the absence of a feature allowing users to experiment with different haircuts. Style My Hair is available on both Google Play and App Store.

Discover These 2020 Hair Color Changing Apps


With these apps, you can gain knowledge about what hair colors suits you. Feel free to try them all and see which one compliments your eyes and facial features. Keep experimenting and remember that you can use multiple apps to get the perfect look!

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