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I can’t count the times I’ve redecorated our living room, bedroom, and even our small outdoor garden. There is something therapeutic and fulfilling about creating different atmospheres for the house.

So, imagine my excitement when I discovered the Redecor app. It’s not just one of those home redecoration apps. It’s highly interactive and built on gamification, which makes things more fun for design enthusiasts like me.

Even if you’re done with redecorating your kitchen in real life, you can have fun redecorating with the Redecor app and expand your style horizon. Here’s why I am hooked on this app.

  • Features to Rave About On the Redecor App
  • How to Participate in Design Challenges
  • Deep into the Design Challenge
  • The Rush for Gold Coins and Cash
  • About the Season Pass
  • Managing Your Redecor Profile
  • Get the Redecor App Now
Redecor App - Practice Home Design Online
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Features to Rave About On the Redecor App

If you are into home improvement and room decoration like me, the Redecor app will tolerate your passion and take it to next level with its gaming framework.

Redecor App - Practice Home Design Online
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When I signed up for Redecor, I started to get new Design Challenges every day. Each challenge allows me to spice up photo-realistic rooms with 3D models.

I get to express myself by combining different types of colors, materials, and textures. Each time I use the app, I feel like my interior design skills and knowledge are expanding one piece of furniture at a time.

What I enjoy most about Redecor is the opportunity to be a part of a creative community. It’s enjoyable to learn from others while also engaging in healthy competition.

Who’s Behind the Redecor App

I found out that the geniuses behind the Redecor app are the tech pros and game and marketing designers of Reworks. It is a game studio based in Helsinki, Finland.

Reworks, which debuted in 2018, created Redecor for home decor enthusiasts. According to the studio, it is “a place to play, explore designs, find inspiration, and connect with others who share a passion for home decor.”

How to Participate in Design Challenges

Do you want to bring out your competitive spirit with your design skills as your weapon? Here’s how the Design Challenge works.

Redecor App - Practice Home Design Online
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You can play a Design Challenge when it shows the term “Live.” Every Design Challenge must be completed within 48 hours. You can track the time right under the Challenge title.

The upcoming challenges and the time left before they go live can also be monitored. To open a Challenge and get the Design Brief, you just have to press the Enter button.

The Design Brief details what your client envisions for the room. Hit “Enter” again to open the room this time. Then, pick the materials and colors that you think match your client’s preferences.

About Design Duel Challenges

When I want more intensity, I choose the Design Duel. It is another type of challenge that involves another random player on the app. It’s exciting because you have a 50/50 chance of winning.

Every day, a random competitor challenges you to a Duel. You can continue to play as long as you can see “Live.” The difference here is that once you’ve completed your design, it will be voted on.

I see the results of the votes within two hours or even sooner if there are enough votes. You cannot select your competitor for Design Duel for now, but Redecor says it is working on this feature.

Deep into the Design Challenge

Redecor’s Design Challenges are designed by Reworks 3D artists. It takes them two days to complete a 3D image and configure it for a game.

Redecor App - Practice Home Design Online
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From the 3D image, they create a 3D model. This is the phase where artists modify the elements surrounding the model, such as lighting, the angle, and details. They make sure every single pixel reflects your design.

Winning the Design Challenges means adhering to the Design Brief when you are designing. I am able to strengthen my design by using valuable materials for a room.

The value of the room can also increase the voting results in case two or more players get the same score. I get a higher rank when my design value is also higher.

Going to the Second Design

The finished design is assigned to a group of nine other designs. Here, your final output will be up for voting. Take note that the ratings are based on other players’ votes.

Meanwhile, the number of stars each design received will determine the final ranking. If two designs have the same score, the output with the higher design value wins.

As a player, I have the option of sending two different designs for each Challenge. Simply select the “Completed” tab at the top of the page and the design I want to remake. Then I clicked the “Create a Redesign” button to recreate the design that is still in “Voting” mode.

The Rush for Gold Coins and Cash

As you go deeper into the game of the Redecor app, you’ll encounter several elements that make the game exciting.

Redecor App - Practice Home Design Online
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For example, you need gold coins and cash to buy unlocked materials in the game. They function like currencies, but you can convert gold coins to cash and then buy more gold coins and cash from the shop.

As a Redocorator, I get gold coins and cash as rewards after the design submission and voting. There is also a bigger prize for those with a higher ranking.

The prices of the materials can be seen under the material thumbnail. I can buy up to five items of the same material. After the purchase, the items will be visible in my inventory.

Star Tokens and XP

I gain Star Tokens when I buy boxes in the shop or unlock new materials from a specific collection. I can also collect Star Tokens once I’ve completed the challenges.

The voting rating determines the amount of Star Tokens earned from the challenges. The number of Star Tokens is always equal to the number of stars I get for my design.

XP, or experience points, allow me to progress through the game and earn rewards. When I submit the design, I will receive the same number of XP as the amount of cash and gold from the room.

About the Season Pass

A new season begins on Redecor every month. It is the same beginning for all players. This means the same starting and ending dates for everyone.

Redecor App - Practice Home Design Online
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I get a Season Pass when I climb up the levels. This means I have 30 days if I want to reach the top. Each season offers new and unique rewards, from coins to materials.

The two ways to play the game are by following the Free Rewards path or using the Season Path.

The seasonal Season Pass can be purchased, and you can still get all the level rewards from the previous season.

Using the Season Pass

Players cannot subscribe to Season Passes as they cannot be automated. Each time the Season ends, my monthly pass loses its power as well. I have to buy again to get new rewards and challenges.

The Season Pass also comes with Season Pass-themed challenges. They contain valuable information and tips about a certain theme.

Managing Your Redecor Profile

Once you have a profile on Redecor, you can update it any time and use it to join leagues.

Redecor App - Practice Home Design Online
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To update your profile, go to the bottom menu and select the profile symbol. Select the gear icon in the upper left corner of your screen.

To make a new name, simply tap right under “Player name.” To upload your photo, click the image with the pencil icon. To improve your bio, select “Type in a short bio” under “Bio.”

On your profile, you’ll also find Podium. It’s a feature that helps players monitor their wins. To access Podium, make sure your app is updated.

Joining the Redecor League

When I created my profile on Redecor, I didn’t feel alone. Anyone can join the Redecor League, which is a seven-day-long competition among designers. Players can grab the League rewards after seven days and then level up.

Redecor’s Cactus Cup is made of several Leagues. When you earn more XP, you have a chance to join a higher League.

Players start in the Bronze League. It is followed by Silver, Gold, Ruby, Amethyst, and the Diamond League.

Get the Redecor App Now

The Redecor app is available to both Android and Apple users. I find it super easy to download.

Redecor App - Practice Home Design Online
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Go to the Google Play Store if you’re an Android user. Look for “Redecor – Home Design Game” in the Rewords Ltd. category. Select the Install option.

Apple users can use their phones to access the App Store. They should type “Redecor – Home Design Makeover” into the search bar and then press the Get button.


For the Redecor app to work on Android phones, the devices should have Android version 5.0 and up.

For Apple users, make sure you have iOS 12.0 or later.


The Redecor app is indeed the playground for home decor enthusiasts. Whether you are an interior designer or a hobbyist, you’ll enjoy the gamification features, design ideas, and visual elements of the app.

It is intended to improve your creativity, decision-making abilities, and resourcefulness. And these are the items you’ll need if you want to create your dream home properly.

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